About us

Meca International DMC, incoming travel agency, was created on November 2020 by tourism professionals and specialized in incoming tourism in Mexico, Arnaldo Pinazzi and Massimo Ariello, who came out of their previous thirty-year experience and decided to open a new company with their sons Francesco, Barbara, Daniele and Riccardo (they worked too for some years in the family business).

Together with the most trusted and experienced collaborators, always with them in sharing the professional experience in Mexico, they continue a trajectory that has always been at the forefront; studying new products and combining new ideas for travelers who want to know Mexico is the most important goal. Meca International DMC want to create a great experience in your trip to Mexico and want to transmitting all the love and passion for this extraordinary country.

Many tour operators and incentive houses are working with us in create trips for their clients who wants to visit Mexico; we are known in many countries thanks to our commercial directors: Massimo and Riccardo in Italy, Jose Ignacio Villaravid and Sergio Villaravid in Spain and Portugal, Katia Kerkez in France, Raynald Paquet in Canada and USA, Militza Latapi based in Shanghai and in charge of all the Asian markets and Nicolas Orjuela based in Bogota and in charge of the South American markets.

The trust in this new company derives from the great awareness of the seriousness, professionalism and knowledge of the territory that Meca International DMC can offer.

Our own offices are in Mexico City (main office), Cancun and Merida; Meca International DMC has great collaborations with partners in Chiapas, Acapulco, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Baja California, Huatulco and Oaxaca, Guatemala and Belize.

All our guides, professionals certified by the Mexican Federal Ministry of Tourism, are on of our best parts; they are in charge not only to guide our clients into this magic country but also to making travelers fall in love of Mexico.

Our guides speak Spanish, Italian, English, Portuguese, French, German and Chinese.

All the transportations we use, cars, vans or buses, are of the latest conception with the hishest standards of quality and comfort.

Our Tour operator online system, TRAVELIO, is the Meca International DMC flagship; the system offers the possibility to book online all our hotels, services, excursions and our guaranteed circuits, all with and immediate confirmation.

For incentive houses that want to create a special trip for their clients in Mexico, a special destination that will remain forever in the hearts of customers, we try to propose always new ideas, new solutions and new locations that can satisfy the great needs of an incentive trip.

We are proud to have in our staff great professionals who are recognized worldwide as great experts in the world of incentives.

We have always thought that every trip, in every destination in the world, is a 360° experience that enriches every traveler, but we firmly believe that Mexico gives you something more that leaves the desire to return.

MECA INTERNATIONAL DMC: our slogan is, and will be:

Come with us to Mexico……. we will give you fantastic emotions, we will give you the opportunity to discover an incredible country and we will always be ready to wait for you and welcome you with open arms.