Adventure Experiences


  • Enjoy the view of Teotihuacan from above.
  • Observe the process to prepare the hot-air balloon.
  • Hold your breath, we will not know where we will land.



Departure before the dawn to the Air Balloon airport near Teotihuacan. After check in we will be ready to flight over the “City of the Gods”. We will admire from above the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon, the Avenue of the Death and all the natural landscape around the archeological site. At the end of the flight, we will make a toast to our succesful flight and we will return to Mexico City with our Air Balloon flight Certificate


  • Experience a horse ride.
  • Ranchero Lunch.
  • Rappel in the canyon.


The ”rancho” where start our adventure is located 30 minutes from San Miguel de Allende. After a little explanation to how to ride a horse, we will begin our itinerary with an exclusive acces to the canyon of this region. Arriving on the bottom of the canyon, we will ride in the river and take a break. We will continue reaching again the top of the canyon, admiring a wonderful landscape; here you have the possibility to do rappel on the side of the canyon.
We will return to the rancho, and here we can have a homemade lunch composed by hot tortillas, fresh ranch cheese, organic beans, quesadillas, nopales, rice, chilly sauces, guacamole an salads.


  • Experience the life in the rancho.
  • Activity recommended for families.
  • Prepare tortillas and special sauces.
  • Interaction with farm animals.


We will arrive at the ranch, located 30 minutes from San Miguel de Allende. We will start knowing the ranch and we will learn the daily tasks of life there; We will make tortillas and prepare sauces, if there are children they will be able to collect eggs and interact with the animals. After having breakfast and receiving the instructions to ride, we will go to the canyon; we will reach the bottom and we will be able to swim in the river, explore the roads and look for quartz. We will visit places impossible to reach on horseback and the possibility of descending one of the 50-meter cliffs by rappel at sunset, without a doubt, one of the best experiences.


  • Visit the center of San Miguel de Allende in a different way.
  • Enjoy the lights and the atmosphere of the city.
  • Find out the most famous cantinas of the city.


At nightfall, we will ride a horse across the beautiful streets of San Miguel and the most emblematic places. Once in the center of San Miguel we will cross the Benito Juárez Park and the streets of the center until we reach the beautiful Parroquia San Miguel Arcángel. During the tour, we will visit the most historical and traditional CANTINAS of the town; We will ride from one to the other listening to nice anecdotes that the bartenders and local people will share with us, we will end the night toasting for future adventures.