• Dulce Patria.
  • Garum.
  • Guzina Oaxaca.
  • Los Danzantes.

Cradle of diversity, meeting place and mix of cultures and identities. Mexico City is the ideal location to find new proposals, from the most avant-garde to the most traditional of Mexican cuisine. Discover the City through its restaurants, let yourself be carried away by sophisticated dishes and unique ingredients that will undoubtedly make your palate vibrate


  • Las Quince Letras.
  • Criollo.
  • Casa Oaxaca.

Oaxaca is a worldview, traditions and ancestral customs that live in our present. The State of Oaxaca, enjoys a unique biodiversity, between mountains and beaches, there are endemic ingredients that manage to make your kitchen one of the most spectacular in all of Mexico. Between textures, smells, colors and flavors, it allows you to delight yourself with a delicious green bean soup with chepil, with a soup of ground chickpea or a caldillo de nopales. Discover the thousand flavors of the mole by tasting the manchamantel or the coloradito and finish with a refreshing lemon water or a rich mezcal.


  • Tierra & Cielo.
  • Lum
  • Kokono’.

Chiapas is recognized worldwide for its great bio-cultural wealth, the people of Chiapas have known how to act locally to conserve and preserve their uses and customs that are conceived in unity with the nature that surrounds their territory. Ocosingo ball cheese, mumu, futifarras and coffee from Chiapas are some of the signature dishes and ingredients of Chiapas cuisine, which we are sure you will love.


  • La Recoveca.

A unique and special cuisine, the perfect fusion between the Mayan heritage, the Spanish people and the old pirates. Today, the State of Campeche offers visitors various options, ranging from the most traditional to the great international dishes. A place that places syncretism and topicality on the table.

Yucatan, legendary land that offers endless impressive archaeological sites, with colonial cities, magical towns surrounded by cenotes, as well as an infinity of characteristic dishes of the region. Its vast and rich gastronomy, one of the richest in Mexico, enchants palates and invites its visitors to stay longer. Mérida, a noble and loyal land, surrounded by haciendas full of history, whose owners take care of the environment with an ecological conscience and plant fruits such as scented lime: walking along Paseo de Montejo, with its French architecture and the fusion between the Mayan and the European it is a true delight.


  • Le Basilic
  • HA’ – hotel Xcaret
  • Kin Toh, Tulúm

Renowned for its beautiful beaches and landscapes that reflect tranquility, Quintana Roo is a state that flourished the Mayan culture, reflected in its architecture, history and traditions. The Mexican Caribbean, of which Quintana Roo is part, has a lot to offer thanks to the wealth of its ecosystems; Cancun is the main destination of choice for many tourists and from here you can connect with the earthly paradise of Isla Mujeres, Cenotes and Mayan Ruins with great history. The Mayan Mestizo Ingredients route has a great biocultural diversity.

The cuisine to the sound of Mariachi and Tequila: The state of Jalisco is characterized by the elaboration of the country’s iconic drink, tequila, as well as some original foods such as birria, sheep to the shepherd, and cake drowned, among others. The natural wealth of this region is noted with its mountains, landscapes and lakes, offering beautiful views and incredible places.


  • Steinbeck’s, La Paz
  • Las Tres Virgenes, La Paz
  • Manta, Los Cabos

When we talk about the sea we can transport ourselves to an infinity of places, but there is one in northern Mexico that takes us beyond the imposing and deep ocean, it is called Baja California. Nestled between two magical coastlines, the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, it houses a unique natural aquarium in the world, where it inhabits a hundred unique and indescribable, amazing, beautiful and surprising marine species. Thus, among tuna, mussels, oysters, lobsters and mysterious spiny plants that please and surprise.